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6905 Dallas Drive  Austin, TX  78729  |  512-331-9555



At Green Alley Salon our goal is for you to not only look beautiful when you leave our salon, but for you to feel beautiful too! We take the utmost care to provide you with an enjoyable experience from start to finish. We make every effort to make sure that our guests receive the highest standard of service available. There are several ways we do this. We recruit and hire career minded stylists who exemplify exceptional character and are committed to the craft of hairdressing and consider it a passion. We align ourselves with some of the most forward thinking companies in the beauty business and emphasize continuing education from the best in the industry.



Summit Salons

Green Alley Salon is a Summit Salon. Summit Salons are an elite group of career salon companies that work together and share best practices to ensure the profitability of our businesses and the happiness of our salon guests. We consult with Summit regularly and attend conferences to keep us updated on the most innovative business ideas and practices. As a salon we value furthering our education and staying up to date as we emphasize the same work ethic in our stylists and staff. We participate in a Summit program to grow our staff and stylists called the Associate Program.


Associate Program

Our Associate Program could be considered a Masters degree in the art of hair. All of our Associates are professional stylists who have graduated from cosmetology school and many have worked in other salons but have not achieved the level of expertise that they desire. They become Associates of Green Alley Salon when they join our team and start their training. You might mistake them for “assistants”, they are actually dedicated stylists receiving a hands on experience to ensure they have all of the skills they need to provide you with exceptional service when you come into our salon. Often when we are working on particular skills we will offer completely free services performed by our associates and overseen by our educational staff so stay connected to our social media like facebook and instagram to find out about these service times. We always offer reduced rate services performed by our Associates, but you must request this specifically.


Level System

After a stylist completes the Associate program they become a level one stylist. This level system is a performance based level system through which our stylists grow themselves in their careers. As they grow in experience and expertise the demand for their time will grow. As the demand for their time increases their level in the salon and price increases. This allows opportunity for growth and advancement for our staff as well as providing an opportunity for you to receive amazing service at a price that is compatible with your needs. Whether you choose a level one stylist or a level three educational stylist you will always receive the professional service you expect from Green Alley Salon.